PyBOP CAS 128625-52-5

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PyBOP CAS 128625-52-5

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PyBOP Basic Parameter

Product Name PyBOP
CAS NO 128625-52-5
Molecular Formula C18H28F6N6OP2
Molecular Weight 520.39
EINECS 603-290-2
Melting Point 154-156 °C (dec.)(lit.)
Density 1.438 at 20℃
Vapor Pressure 0-0Pa at 20-50℃
Storage Conditions 2-8°C
Solubility Soluble in methanol, solubility is 25mg/mL, clear
Appearance White to off-white fine crystalline powder

CAS 128625-52-5 Picture

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what is PyBOP CAS 128625-52-5?

PyBOP is an efficient coupling reagent utilized in solid phase peptide synthesis. It has reactivity similar to BOP, but its byproduct is not highly carcinogenic. PyBOP was utilized in the solid-phase synthesis of the tetrapeptide H-Ile-Ala-Leu-Pro-OH on 2-chlorotrityl resin.

What is PyBOP used for?

PyBOP (benzotriazol-1-yloxytripyrrolidinophosphonium hexafluorophosphate) is a peptide coupling reagent used in solid phase peptide synthesis. It is used as a substitute for the BOP reagent – avoiding the formation of the carcinogenic waste product HMPA.

What is the side product of PyBOP?

PyBOP is a peptide coupling reagent used in solid phase peptide synthesis. It is used as a substitute for the BOP reagent, thus avoiding the formation of the carcinogenic side product HMPA.


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