Hypophosphorous Acid CAS 6303-21-5

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Hypophosphorous Acid CAS 6303-21-5

Hypophosphorous Acid CAS 6303-21-5 HO2P, 100% safe delivery to Australia

CAS 6303-21-5 Basic Parameter

Product Name Hypophosphorous acid
Synonyms HYPOPHOSPHOROUSACID,30%(W/V)SOLUTION;HYPOPHOSPHOROUSACID,50%(W/V)SOLUTION;Hypophosphorusacid:(Phosphinicacid); Hypophosphorusacid,50%w/waq.soln.; hypophosphorousacid(corrosiveliquid,acidic,inorganic,n.o.s.);Hypophosphorousacid,50%w/waq.soln.
CAS NO 6303-21-5
EINECS 228-601-5
Molecular Formula HO2P
Molecular Weight 63.980501
Melting Point -25 °C
Boiling Point 108 °C (759.8513 mmHg)
Density 1.206 g/mL at 20 °C(lit.)
Storage no restrictions
Solubility Very soluble in water, ethanol and ether
Form Hygroscopic crystalline or colorless oily liquid
Color colorless

HO2P Picture

hypophosphorous acid, cas 6303-21-5, ho2p

Preparation and availability

Hypophosphorous acid was first prepared in 1816 by the French chemist Pierre Louis Dulong (1785–1838).

The acid is prepared industrially via a two step process: Firstly, elemental white phosphorus reacts with alkali and alkaline earth hydroxides to give an aqueous solution of hypophosphites:

P4 + 4 OH + 4 H2O → 4 H2PO2 + 2 H2

Any phosphites produced in this step can be selectively precipitated out by treatment with calcium salts. The purified material is then treated with a strong, non-oxidizing acid (often sulfuric acid) to give the free hypophosphorous acid:

H2PO2 + H+ → H3PO2

HPA is usually supplied as a 50% aqueous solution. Anhydrous acid cannot be obtained by simple evaporation of the water, as the acid readily oxidises to phosphorous acid and phosphoric acid and also disproportionates to phosphorous acid and phosphine. Pure anhydrous hypophosphorous acid can be formed by the continuous extraction of aqueous solutions with diethyl ether.


The molecule displays P(═O)H to P–OH tautomerism similar to that of phosphorous acid; the P(═O) form is strongly favoured.

HPA is usually supplied as a 50% aqueous solution and heating at low temperatures (up to about 90°C) prompts it to react with water to form phosphorous acid and hydrogen gas.

H3PO2 + H2O → H3PO3 + H2

Heating above 110°C causes hypophosphorous acid to undergo disproportionation to give phosphorous acid and phosphine.

3 H3PO2 → 2 H3PO3 + PH3

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