1-pentyl-1H-indole CAS 59529-21-4

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1-pentyl-1H-indole CAS 59529-21-4

1-pentyl-1H-indole CAS 59529-21-4 C13H17N, high quality in stock, 100% safe shipping.

CAS 59529-21-4 Basic Parameter

Product Name 1-pentyl-1H-indole
Synonyms 1-pentyl-1H-indole;N-Pentylindole;1-Pentylindole;serrapaptase;1-Pentylindol;1H-Indole, 1-pentyl-
CAS NO 59529-21-4
Molecular Formula C13H17N
Molecular Weight 187.28
Boiling Point 110-113 °C(Press: 2 Torr)
Density 0.96±0.1 g/cm3(Predicted)
Storage Conditions Sealed in dry, Room Temperature
Solubility Soluble in chloroform (a little), methanol (a little)
Form Oily
Color Transparent light yellow

C13H17N Picture

1-pentyl-1H-indole, N-Pentylindole, 1-Pentylindole, serrapaptase, 1-Pentylindol, CAS 59529-21-4, C13H17N

What is the structure of the indole?

Indole is classified as an aromatic heterocycle. It has a bicyclic structure, consisting of a six-membered benzene ring fused to a five-membered pyrrole ring.

What does 1H indole mean?

1H-indole is an indole and a polycyclic heteroarene. It has a role as an Escherichia coli metabolite. It is a tautomer of a 3H-indole. ChEBI. Indole is a metabolite found in or produced by Escherichia coli (strain K12, MG1655).

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